I agree to rent the vehicle described on the Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) from you, and I agree to the terms and conditions below and on the Agreement.

I, ME and MY refer to the Renter on the Agreement. YOU and YOUR refer to the Practicar Licensee identified on the Agreement.


1. VEHICLE:  The word “vehicle” in this Agreement and the terms and conditions means the vehicle rented and includes tires, tools, keys, equipment, accessories, and vehicle documents.


2. DRIVERS:  The vehicle must be used, operated or driven only by me and/or the persons identified on the Agreement and accepted by you as additional drivers. All drivers must be at least 21 years of age and must hold an appropriate and valid driver’s license at all times. I understand that operation of the vehicle by anyone not listed on the Agreement is prohibited and automatically VOIDS the CDW. Drivers over the age of 18 may be accepted by you under certain conditions and at the sole discretion of the Practicar Licensee.


3. USE OF VEHICLE:  I acknowledge receiving the vehicle in good mechanical condition. I will use the vehicle and monitor the keys with due care and attention at all times.

Practicar may repossess the vehicle at my expense, without notice to me, if the vehicle is abandoned or used in violation of this Agreement.

I agree not to drive the vehicle with more passengers than there are seatbelts, or if anyone, including myself, does not wear a seatbelt as required by law.

If I drive long distances I agree to allow for enough time to arrive at my destination safely.


4. PROHIBITED USE OF THE VEHICLE:  I will use the vehicle and monitor the keys with due care and attention at all times. I will NOT allow any abusive or prohibited use of the vehicle.

  1. Abusive and prohibited use shall include, but not be limited to, the following situations or defaults:
  2. use of the vehicle off road, or on any unpaved highway, road or street;
  3. in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation;
  4. by a person other than drivers duly authorized under the terms of this Agreement;
  5. by any person who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other impairing substances;
  6. leaving the vehicle unattended with the ignition key inside, on, or near the vehicle (includes leaving the vehicle running with the doors locked);
  7. for the transportation of persons or property for hire, or with remuneration;
  8. at an illegal speed or in any race or competitive event;
  9. outside the province where the vehicle was rented without your prior written consent;
  10. to push or tow any trailer, vehicle or other objects;
  11. when the odometer of the vehicle has been damaged, modified or disconnected;
  12. to carry or transport flammable, hazardous, explosive, radioactive or environmentally damaging material;
  13. failure to check and maintain all fluid levels in vehicle during operation;
  14. failure to keep tires properly inflated;
  15. sub-renting, sub-leasing or otherwise assigning my rights of the vehicle to any other persons;
  16. abandoning the vehicle;
  17. renting or obtaining possession of the vehicle by fraud or misrepresentation, or if it is obtained or used in furtherance of an illegal act;
  18. failure to respect a provision of the Agreement. 

5. RETURN OF VEHICLE:  I will return the vehicle on the date indicated on the Agreement. I will return the vehicle earlier if requested. If I need the vehicle for a longer rental period I will contact you and authorize further charges against my credit card. A rental day shall consist of 24 hours from the time of vehicle pick up.

The vehicle must be returned to the location identified on the Agreement. If I have requested to return the vehicle to another location, I agree to pay a “one way service fee” as specified on the Agreement. If I return the vehicle to a different location than named on the Agreement without your express permission, I may have to pay an “unauthorized return location fee” calculated at $1.00 per kilometer between the renting location and the return location.

If I choose to drop off the vehicle after hours or at the airport, I will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle until it is inspected by you the next business day.


6. RENTAL CHARGES:  I will pay for all charges on the Agreement including the time and mileage for the duration of the rental, Collision Damage Waiver, optional coverage if accepted, additional products and services requested, fuel (if the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank), taxes and additional charges as applicable. A one (1) day minimum will apply to all relevant charges on the Agreement. A “Refueling Surcharge” of not less than $25.00 will be charged as applicable, in addition to the cost of fuel. If I allow an unauthorized driver to operate the vehicle, I may be charged, and I agree to pay, an “Unqualified Driver Surcharge” of up to $25.00 per day. The charges calculated on the Agreement may not be final. If my form of payment is credit card, and the charges on the Agreement are revised, you may correct the record of the charges (credit card slip) even though I have signed it. If the charges under this Agreement are to be billed to another person, company or organization, and if the other party fails to pay, I shall pay all unpaid charges promptly upon demand. I authorize you to process payment via my credit card for any outstanding amount in order to settle my account with you. All charges, fees and expenses, including payment for damage to and loss of the vehicle, are due upon request. I will pay all collection costs, including your reasonable solicitor-client fees and interest. If I do not pay any amount when due, and if the law permits, you may contact me or my employer at my place of business in relation to your collections. If I do not pay any charge when due, I authorize you to verify my credit worthiness and to share such information with any credit reporting agency.


7. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (“CDW”):  I will pay for the CDW option if I accept it. I understand that I will be charged the CDW rate per day for each rental day or portion thereof as per the Agreement. This is not insurance coverage.


8. DAMAGE AND LOSS:  I will pay for all damage to and loss of the vehicle regardless of who is at fault, except as I otherwise agree in this paragraph.

If I accept the CDW:  My responsibility for physical damage and loss as a result of accidental collision, fire, theft, or other causes including hail damage and contact with wildlife, will not exceed the deductible amount specified in the CDW section of the Agreement, except that if I violate any of the terms of this Agreement. In the case of contact with wildlife, clear visible evidence must be present. I will be responsible for ALL damage and loss due to contact with wildlife in the absence of such evidence. In the case of truck box damage due to the insufficient top or side clearance of stationary objects, incorrect loading or load shifting, I will be responsible for ALL damage and loss. If the vehicle is missing or stolen, and I do not have the keys to return to you, I will be responsible for ALL damage and loss. The CDW will cover towing and transport costs arising from an incident causing damage and loss within the province the vehicle was rented ONLY. I am, therefore, responsible for all towing, storage and transport costs due to an incident causing damage and loss that occurs outside the province where the vehicle was rented.

If I decline the CDW option:  Regardless of any agreement I may have with any third party, such as a credit card company or personal auto insurance company, I will pay for ALL damage and loss to the vehicle, including hail damage, regardless of who is at fault.

“Loss” includes, but is not limited to, the full value of the vehicle, loss of use (down-time), towing and storage costs (ALL as determined by you) as well as legal and collection costs.


9. ACCIDENTS:  I will, within twenty four (24) hours of occurrence, report any accident to the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction at the place of the accident, and to you. I shall deliver to you, or if requested by you, to your insurers, every process, pleading notice or document of any kind received by me or any driver of the vehicle relating to any claim, suit or proceeding connected with any accident or event involving the vehicle. Neither me nor any driver of the vehicle shall aid or abet the assertion of any such claim, suit or proceeding and I shall cooperate fully with you and your insurers in investigating and defending the same.


10. LIABILITY INSURANCE:  Anyone permitted by this agreement to drive this vehicle will be protected against liability for causing bodily injury or death or for damaging someone else’s property up to the limit coverage, or $1,000,000 inclusive for each accident. I understand that, with respect to this coverage, I must report any accident to you within twenty four (24) hours and must cooperate with you and your insurers. I further understand that use of the vehicle is considered to be without your permission if the vehicle is obtained by fraud or it is obtained or used for illegal purposes. The stated coverage will be provided by you according to the terms of a standard insurance policy. If permitted by law, you can provide coverage under a certificate of self insurance together with, or instead of, a policy from an insurance company. No fault insurance coverage is provided where and to the extent the law requires.


11. INDEMNITY:  I agree to indemnify you, defend you and hold you harmless from all claims, liability, collection costs and costs and legal fees you may incur resulting from or arising out of this rental Agreement and my use of the vehicle.


12. FINES AND EXPENSES:  I will pay all fines, charges for parking, traffic and speeding violations, toll road charges, storage and lien charges, court costs with respect to the use of the vehicle while I rent the vehicle. I accept that such charges may be subject to an additional accounting surcharge calculated as; the greater of $50 or 25% of the total violation or notice.


13. BREAKDOWN AND REPAIRS:  If the vehicle requires repairs or normal maintenance, I am authorized to have the vehicle repaired up to a maximum of $60 per Agreement. You will reimburse me with proper proof of purchase and payment. Any repairs in excess of $60 must be authorized by you before the vehicle is repaired. Unauthorized repairs in excess of $60 may be my sole responsibility upon your discretion. It is the intent of this clause that both parties must act reasonably under the circumstances. Regardless of the cause or type of repair required, I will hold you harmless for any loss or expense incurred as a result of the breakdown.


14. PERSONAL PROPERTY:  I agree that you are not responsible for loss or damage to my property, or the property of others, left in or on your vehicle or on your premises, even if it is in your possession, regardless of who is at fault. I will be responsible to you for all claims made by others for such loss or damage.


15. AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT:  Any changes or amendments to this Agreement must be made in writing and initialed by you and I.





Practicar Car & Truck Rentals provides superior value by offering outstanding service along with high quality, clean and dependable used vehicles. Unless otherwise stated, GST (5%) and local surcharges and fees will be added to the price quoted. Taxes, surcharges and fees are subject to change without notice. Vehicles are rented on a daily basis (24 hours) from the time of pick up. We honour a 1 hour grace period on your time of return. After the one (1) hour grace, an hourly late fee will be applied. Pets are not allowed without prior approval. Smoking is not allowed in any rental vehicle.


Our minimum age is 18. All renters under the age of 21 must possess a major credit card and may be subject to a Young Driver Surcharge. Renters over the age of 21 may rent without a credit card subject to our Cash Qualification process. All renters must possess a valid drivers licence. Contact the Edmonton office for details.


Practicar Edmonton will accept a Driver’s License from any country that uses the Roman alphabet (or Latin alphabet). If your Driver’s License does not include Latin letters, (the letters used to write this paragraph) you must present an International Driver's License or Certified Translation in addition to your country's driver's license.


There is no charge for additional drivers. Additional drivers do not require a credit card.


A major credit card is the preferred form of security. Actual payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card.


If you are renting with a debit card and/or cash, you will be required to leave a security deposit subject to our Cash Qualification process. Renter must bring a valid driver’s license, and should provide proof of residence from within the last 30 days. Security deposits may be held for up to 30 days from the date of return due to local photo enforcement laws. Contact Practicar Edmonton for details.


Renters using a credit card must present the major credit card at the time of rental pick up. The credit card must be in the renter’s name. An authorization (hold) will be completed to secure the terms of the rental agreement. It may be possible to rent using a friend or family member’s credit card. Contact Practicar Edmonton for details. Additional charges may apply.



If you cancel your Pay Now reservation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time, we will refund the prepaid amount less a 50.00 CAD processing fee. If you cancel your Pay Now reservation with less than 24 hours’ notice, or if you fail to show up, we will refund of the prepaid amount less a NO SHOW fee of 150.00 CAD. If you cancel your Pay-At-Counter reservation less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled pick up time, you may be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to a one day rental.


Third Party Liability Insurance is included in all rental rates. This is law in Canada. Your personal insurance policy may provide you with additional coverage. Please provide your policy information at the time of pick up. Our CDW and WTW are recommended as Full Coverage Protection for you and all additional drivers in the event of collision, fire, theft or vandalism. CDW rates vary with drivers’ age and qualifications. Contact Practicar Edmonton for details.


Acceptance of our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces your financial responsibility to $300.00 CAD or $500.00 CAD or $1000.00 CAD, depending upon the vehicle rented and the qualifications of the driver(s). Using the vehicle in violation of any terms and conditions of the rental agreement could void CDW and leave the renter fully responsible for any damage to the vehicle. At the time of rental, the customer must initial whether he/she accepts or declines the CDW and/or other optional services. If CDW is not accepted, customers may be responsible for the full market value of the car if it is damaged, vandalized or stolen during the rental. Customers may also be responsible for reimbursing Practicar Edmonton for the revenue lost by not being able to use the car while it is being repaired or not recovered due to theft (loss of use).


All vehicles are rented with a full tank and must be returned full, or a refueling surcharge will be applied.


After hours drop off is accepted and common practice. Discuss the after hours drop off process with a Practicar Edmonton representative. After hours pick up may be arranged based on individual circumstances. Contact our office to discuss. Current rental customers can reach us after hours by calling the Edmonton office and choosing the appropriate prompt.


All vehicles are licensed to travel on paved highways in Canada. For travel out of the province, contact Practicar Edmonton. No off road driving permitted. Please note the free kilometer allowance provided with each rate and the additional costs for extra kilometers.


One-way rentals can be prearranged. A one-way drop fee will be calculated and applied. Contact us for details.


Complimentary shuttle service is available with a minimum three (3) day rental. Customer pick up location must be within the Edmonton ring road (Anthony Henday Drive) (Highway 216). Unfortunately Practicar Edmonton does not service the Edmonton International Airport at this time.


Our on-call representatives are available 24 hours a day. Call the Edmonton office and choose the appropriate prompt.